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The Unity Network


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science fairs & 

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 our mission is simple.  we want to create high quality resources anyone can use to kickstart their research journey.

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our team will give you the gameplan for you reaching the next level in research.

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What we bring to the Table

Here at the Unity Network, we believe barriers should never prevent highschoolers from conducting research at their full potential. That's why our organization seeks to offer the best and up to date student research, advice, and resources to allow everyone the capability and ability to conduct research. 

Often, high schoolers are barred from conducting research and showing it to the world. We will provide a space for everyone to publish their research. No one should be left out of the conversation nor the process of research. Check out new research by students like you!

We provide the most up to date advice on conducting research and entering science fair competitions. Our advice comes from experienced and seasoned researchers and science fair winners. This advice comes from National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, Regeneron ISEF and Science Talent Search grand winners!

Our highly skilled team provides free resources that help you engage with research. We provide documents, lectures, and resources to improve your skills as a researcher. We are currently working to provide coding, topic knowledge, and statistics help!

We talk with amazing young scientists and researchers to provide with you perspectives from accomplished individuals. Check out our page for interviews, also available on YouTube and Spotify.

There are many research and STEM related programs out there. But not enough information and student perspectives of them. Our team compiles student perspective of research programs all over the USA so you don't have to pay application fees without knowing what it's like, first hand. From RSI to BU RISE to Ross and much much more, we have you covered. Check our page out here

Don't worry if you haven't started research or science fair! We create resources specifically targeted for explaining processes that newcomers might not know yet. We're here to help you. Check out these resources here

Example Research Poster

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Beginner's Guide to Coding: Java

Introduction to AI Learning


Click on a region and we'll show you research programs and opportunities near you

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The Community

Join a growing community of passionate student researchers supported by ISEF/JSHS/AJAS finalists, Ivy league alumni and research mentors.

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