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If you have an idea for a resource or advice to help others, we would love your contribution. If you have robotics experience, a niche summer program you've attended, or anything in between, we would love to hear about it!

Forms to join our team and help us fufill our mission!

Click on the link to join our organization as a member. We would love to have you on the team. 

Click here to sign up to create resources that teach students technical skills like Machine Learning, Statistics, Introductions to biology, chemistry, and more!

Click here to sign up to create advice for newcomers to STEM competitions like robotics, science fair, etc!

Click on this link to lead a regional or state team! We're looking to expand into new regions, states, and countries!

Apply to our positions including social media, videographer, and contributors!

We want to make sure every student knows what programs are like before paying hefty amounts. If you want to contribute, please submit a review of a summer program you've attended!

Submit former research, robotics projects, engineering ventures, etc here! We will post submissions on our website!

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