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iFoRE Sigma Xi Conference- experience from a Winner

Student researchers traveled to Long Beach, Calif. Nov. 9-13 to compete in the International Forum on Research Excellence (IFoRE), also known as the iFoRE Sigma Xi Conference. The third annual IFoRE competition had over 200 students in attendance, competing with high school, undergraduate and graduate students sharing their research in presentation sessions. 

There were two main presentation categories: speaker and poster. Speaker presenters were limited to only 25 students, selected randomly, so the  majority of students gave disciplinary poster presentations, based on their research category. The conference also offered interdisciplinary awards, which were geared towards much broader scientific fields, such as “Body and Mind” and “Human Health”. These awards were open to all students, no matter their presentation type or education level, to apply for. 

In addition to student presentations, the conference hosted banquets to honor outstanding research professors and directors in the science field. Graduate award recipients included Dr. John A. Rodgers and Dr. Xin Zhang, professors at Northwestern University and Boston University, respectively. These banquets not only offered food, but also an opportunity for the winners to discuss their research in their laboratories to the students. The keynote speaker was Dr. Frances Arnold of California Institute of Technology, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in chemistry for developing an evolutionary method to make enzymes more applicable worldwide. 

Students enjoy the Santa Monica Pier while at Sigma Xi

In addition to attending the conference, some students had the opportunity to visit Santa Monica Pier and Los Angeles. American Heritage’s sophomore Anagha Iyer, junior Emma Colarte Delgado, sophomore Shriya Narasimha, senior Amara Okpala and sophomore Aliyah Dania enjoyed the sun and sights at the pier. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Winners of the oral and poster sessions at Sigma Xi

Pictured are sophomore Anagha Iyer, who won Best High School Oral Presenter, junior Emma Colarte Delgado won for Best High School Behavioral Poster Presentation and senior Jacob Federici won Best Presentation in the Agricultural interdisciplinary category. For the full list of awards, click on this link. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Networking event for students at Sigma Xi

The conference held a student networking session in addition to a social with free food and a dance floor. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

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