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Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS)

Reviewer: Anonymous

Stars out of 5: ☆☆☆☆☆

Location: Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts)

Cost: $6000, but there is financial aid available

Personal Review:

PROMYS was one of the best summer experiences that I have had and the opportunity to work with others who are also passionate about math and work with it everyday is amazing! You have a rigorous experience, yet there is also a lot of time to have fun and socialize with others. All the counselors and faculty are truly devoted to working with you and will support you through everything. A common misconception amongst applicants is that everyone in PROMYS already knows very advanced math and has excelled in math competitions before applying and being accepted. This is not true. How many problems you can "complete" on the application problem set, the acceptance rate, what math competitions you have done, these are all not relevant to your application. PROMYS doesn't care about who can do the most problems or who knows the most advanced math, but rather is about who has a passion for math and wants to think deeply about fundamental mathematical principles. Having been to PROMYS, it has made me appreciate every step of the process in solving a problem and why things are the way they are, instead of just finding a solution to a problem. Additionally, the community is amazing and very tight-knit (even if you think you're not a social person), and the experiences that you have are priceless! It has been a privilege to work with the incredible community at PROMYS and the memories we formed are simply unforgettable.


I highly recommend this program to others who are passionate about math! As the price of the program is already reduced (thanks to donors and sponsors of PROMYS), the cost of the program is very reasonable, but there is also financial aid available. Overall, I would definitely say that the program is worth it's cost, but furthermore, the knowledge and experiences that you have at PROMYS are invaluable!

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