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RISE practicum

Reviewer: Anonymous

Stars out of 5: ☆☆☆☆

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Cost: $8,000

Financial aid? Yes

Personal Review:

Overall RISE Practicum was very enjoyable. There was plenty of exposure to neuroscience topics during lectures, hands-on wet labs and computational labs. It gave me a sense of what college would be like - both academically and socially. For the first half of the program, there were very few assignments/homework that had to be done outside of class, so we had a lot of free time to spend with friends. Towards the end, we worked in groups after morning lectures to finish and prepare our research projects for the presentation at the end. Throughout the program, there were workshops and sessions where we were taught how to present and perform our own research.


I would recommend this program to others. I made good friends and had the opportunity to conduct research of my own. Even considering the cost, the program provided a valuable experience and helped prepare me for college.

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