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  • Abhinav Avvaru

Simons Summer Research Program

Reviewer: Abhinav Avvaru

Stars out of 5: ☆☆☆☆☆

Location: Stony Brook University

Cost: $3000 (free for commuters)

Financial Aid? No

Research Topics: A broad range of research topics - there is a list of mentors online - were discussed at this program. However, applicants need to apply to a specific lab or mentor so they will know the general research topic beforehand and will stick to this the whole program. Last year the acceptance rate was ~5% but it varied per mentor and typically varies per year. You also get to present your research in a poster symposium at the end of the program.

Personal Review:

The Simons Research Program was amazing! Everything about it was great - from the research to the freedom in the dorms to the people in the program.

You get housed in the same dorms as everyone else - along with everyone in the Garcia program - so there is a lot of opportunity to get to know people. There is a lot of freedom and most labs operate on a roughly 9-5 schedule so there is a lot of opportunity to have fun. There is also no curfew so it is very free to do what you want. The weekends are also free so you can basically go do whatever you want - including going to New York, visiting a beach, or just chilling on campus. One thing is - you might not see other Simons or Garcia fellows during the lab day so most socializing is going to probably happen outside the lab and during the weekly Simons lectures.



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