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Summer Science Program (SSP) Biochemistry

Reviewer: Anonymous

Stars out of 5: ☆☆☆☆☆

Location: Indiana University

Cost: $8,000

Financial Aid? Yes

Personal Review:

The website FAQ is pretty intense, but we actually did have a free time, even despite the pretty heavy workload. I definitely learned a lot, although I never really felt too overwhelmed with content—having a strong foundation in Bio and Chem (especially Orgo) seemed to help a lot. The labs were also shockingly nice, and all the staff was amazing. It would definitely be useful to have some knowledge of scientific paper writing, although my group didn’t have any, and was pretty successful, after a LOT of revising.


Yes and No. It’s quite expensive, but the attention paid to community-building/collaboration and the individualized help made it worth it to me. Also, they seem to be very generous for financial aid—I didn’t apply for it, but a lot of people did, not expecting to get any, and ended up only having to pay like half. However, the papers we finish at the end of the program can’t be submitted to competitions like ISEF without significant follow-up research.

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